The menu has 11 dishes accompanied by 5 different wines, each with a perfect pairing. This is the beggining of this gastronomic journey, where we’ll explain everything you need and give instructions for loading and travel.

Phase 1

Plate 1

Ingot of Duck shavings in Red Butter

Plato_01_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Lingote de Virutas de Pato en manteca colora

This is a traditional recipe from the Family of our chef.

Plate 2

Smoked Fish Tartar with a variety of Hollandaise sauce. 

Plato_02_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Tartar de Ahumados con una variedad de salsa Holandesa

A selection of Smoked Fish (Mackerel, Salmon and Cod) and pickles

Plate 3

White Prawns Carpaccio

Plato_03_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Carpaccio de Gambas_02

To follow our andalusian tour, we travel now to Huelva with a House Specialty:
Laminated White Prawns, treated with great delicacy and a touch of spring onions.
A really unique and atypically way to introduce this product.

Plate 4

Mild-marinated Tuna cooked at low temperature with candied vegetables

Plato_04_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Atún en Escabeche Ligero cocinado a baja temperatura con verduritas confitadas_01

We continue with the best Almadraba Tuna, especially prepared in our kitchens with candied vegetables and a touch of Sherry Vinegar, all carefully cooked at low temperature.

Phase 2

Plate 5

Braised Salmon with marinated Thai on leaves and radishes Salad.

Plato_05_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Salmon Braseado con Marinado de Thai sobre ensalada de Hojas y Rabanos

Now, we change temperature and place! Norwegian salmon painted and seasoned with Thai (Asian) sauce,

marked and sealed at high temperature, over a green salad

Plate 6

Fillets of DoryMeuniere

Plato_06_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Lomo de Gallo Meuniere

To complete this seafood parade, we would like to surprise with a recipe of the French Haute Cuisine, oeuvre of our chef in his stage in France.

Phase 3

Plate 7

Potatoe crunchies stuffed with oxtail, with Maestranza Sauce (Seville)

Plato_07_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Crujiente de Patata Relleno de Cola de Toro con Salsa Maestranza (Sevilla)

Potato chips stuffed with oxtail with a private recipy!

Plate 8

Iberian Sirloin wrapped in Casar Cheese Paper over dried Tomatoes and caramelized Onion

Plato_08_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Solomillo Iberico envuelto en Papel de Queso del Casar Sobre Tomates deshidratados y Cebolla Confitada_01

A dish rescued from the cuisine of yesteryear.

Plate 9

Iberian Pork roasted at Low temperature with “Green Fresh”

Plato_09_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Taco de Presa Iberica asada a Baja Temperatura Green Fresh_02

A fused dish from our menu, where the prey is wrapped in Asian-style bread crumbs.

Phase 4

We are pleased to introduce you to Sevilla in the cup and the dish!

Plate 10

Essence of Seville

Plato_10_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Esencia de Sevilla_02

Azahar-water ice cream, Dessert with all the Sevillian flavour and scent.

Plate 11

Nougat soufflé with “Fried milk”

Plato_11_Menu_Degustacion_Rio_Grande_Souffle de Turron con Leche Frita

To end this gastronomic experience and this particular journey, the staff of this house has suggested and opted for this traditional “scene”, that subtly sweeten your palate.


Coffee or Infusion

Menu Policies and Condicions

  • Advance booking of at last 5 days is required, which is subject to restaurant availability.
  • The menu will be served for the whole table, that is, for all guests, at a price of 60 € (VAT included) per person.
  • When making the reservation (by phone, email or through our website) you should specify that you will have the Special 60th Anniversary Tasting Menu and a credit card must be left as a deposit (in which no fees will be charged at the booking time) or making a deposit of 50 € in our facilities, or by contacting our sales department (reservas@riogrande-sevilla.com) for the payment.
  • I you want to make a reservation for more than 10 people, please contact with the restaurant for availability reasons, before booking your table.
  • In case of any allergy or food intolerance by any of the guests, please do indicate it when booking.