Valentine’s  Day Menu

€ 55.00 VAT included per person


The menu includes drinks.

To make your reservation, it is necessary to contact our commercial department at 954273956 or through


no1 Fine Claire Oyster with natural infusion of ginger and chocolate

White asparagus stuffed with sea asparagus in scallop tartar and lemon fish, infusion of roses and olive powder

Monkfish consommé with artichoke flower, citrus pipirrana salad and gin & tonic caviar

Roasted croaker rose, with trumpets of death mushroom, chia of hydrated fine wine and cockles

Duck breast with wild red fruits mousse, its own juice and daiquiri strawberries

Trunk of hazelnut chocolate and vanilla toffee with sweet thyme gains

Drinks: Red wine and white wine, beers, soft drinks, mineral water.